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What is DelivrMe?

Have you ever ordered something online and wished you could just get it immediately? Or that you weren't just limited to the stores that were available to order from? There is a gap in the market for an on-demand delivery service for anything, anytime, anywhere - without the restrictions. We are in the midst of a smart, on-demand era, whereas we all know, technology has completely changed the world for us by making instant delivery of goods and services possible. DelivrMe is a revolutionary on-demand app that connects people to independent delivery contractors who would shop, pick up or deliver an item for them. Through this app, customers can initiate a pickup or drop off of items without having to leave their convenience.

Our Team

Zak Lloyd has begun the journey of bringing DelivrMe from conception to completion.

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DelivrMe is currently offering investment opportunities.
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Why invest in us?

Zak Lloyd, our Founder, with a broad background in business development and team management worked on creating a multi-million dollar UK franchise. He has also been working in online digital marketing for many years with connections to high profile social influencers. He has come up with a fresh concept, a demanding service, and an ambitious but achievable plan to build it into a thriving new business.

On-demand delivery platforms leverage thousands of part-time local delivery people to bring products to customers immediately -- or as the name goes, on-demand!

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